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How it works

1. Find a location

Search for an available location using our interactive map.

2. Reserve your location

Purchase an AirNode to reserve your chosen location. You'll need to own or have access to a property at the location to be eligible to host.

3. Deploy your AirNode

We'll guide you through the installation process, getting you set up and ready to earn passive income*.
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World Mobile Spectrum locations

World Mobile is the only decentralised wireless (DeWi) network operator utilising licensed spectrum - World Mobile Spectrum.

This is currently comprised of 600MHz LTE mobile service spectrum, with additional bands planned to be included in future rollout phases.

CBRS locations

Anywhere in the US

United States Map

Not in one of our World Mobile Spectrum locations? You can sign up to operate a CBRS AirNode anywhere in the US.

Become a Remote AirNode Operator

Don't own property in or have access to a US location? Register your interest in becoming a Remote AirNode Operator.

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Host an AirNode

Own a property in or have access to a US location, but don't want to purchase an AirNode? You can still earn passive income by becoming an AirNode Host.

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Talk to us about owning your own custom network.

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* Earnings vary depending on AirNode usage

Own. Connect. Earn.

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