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Become an AirNode Operator or Host to power the decentralized World Mobile Network, connect your community and earn rewards.

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Build the future of connectivity

The future is mobile

Mobile networks are connecting more people to the internet than ever before. By 2027, global mobile data traffic is forecasted to increase by over 250%, in-line with the expected growth of online gaming, extended reality and video-based apps.

Dead zones, digital deserts

Legacy mobile network operators are struggling to meet this growing demand. In the USA, wireless dead zones persist, even in densely populated locations, and 24 million people still live in digital deserts, without access to broadband or internet connectivity.

World Mobile provides the solution

By combining blockchain, our hybrid dynamic network and a decentralized sharing economy, World Mobile provides the solution to the challenge of meeting the continually increasing demand for mobile network coverage and meaningful connectivity globally.

Join the movement

Anyone, anywhere can now join the movement towards a more connected world. You can become an AirNode Operator or Host, build the future of connectivity and earn rewards.

You could earn


per month
Portal 180 - $9,500
Disclaimer: This calculation is for illustrative purposes only and does not in any way constitute financial advice or a guarantee of net revenue you may receive. We advise you to consult a specialist regarding any major financial decisions. These rates are based on several assumptions, including an average package price of $50 and installation costs. An industry benchmark of 40% margin of revenue is also used to calculate net-revenue. For the Titan node, an assumption on Overwatch is also included and used to calculate potential earnings and payback.

Get started

Start your journey to becoming a telecoms entrepreneur today.

There a number of ways to get involved:


Own or have access to a rooftop in the US? (first stage in Reno, NV) Sign up and earn rewards with no financial commitment, simply for allowing World Mobile to host AirNodes on your property - turning your rooftops into revenue.

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Not based in Reno? No problem! Anyone from our global community can get involved by purchasing an AirNode from our online sales platform, where you will be connected to a local AirNode Host using our matching service.

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Operate and host an AirNode from your own property and start earning while connecting your local community.

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